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The Dog Rescuers Inc. Is a non-profit organization based in Oakville, Ontario. We are run by a group of dedicated volunteers with a passion for rescuing and re-homing all breeds of dogs.

How do our dogs end up in our care?

There are many reasons why we have the amazing dogs that we do, ranging from abandonment and abuse to changes in an owners personal life. We accept dogs directly from their current families as owner surrenders, but we also have long standing relationships with many of the humane societies and animal controls throughout the province. We work closely with these organizations and often have dogs referred to us to help relieve overcrowding or to help in situations where there is a lack of resources.

How does The Dog Rescuers Inc. Work?

We see many fabulous dogs come into our program and we strongly feel that every dog deserves a second chance. All of our dogs are assessed for any behavioural or medical issues, and from there we have an idea as to what the ideal home would be for that particular dog. All of our adoptions are done on a match basis, so as to match the needs of the dog with the needs and expectations of the family. Every single one of our dogs receives necessary vet care ranging from annual care to costly surgeries. Our dogs are all vaccinated, de-wormed, microchipped and spayed or neutered while in our program. Our dogs are all placed in foster homes until a forever home is found. Expenses to cover our medical costs, as well as basic supplies are funded from our adoption fees, as well as the generous donations made by the members of the public.

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What makes us Different

We love our dogs before we even meet them! We are a passionate group of volunteers dedicated to helping these wonderful animals find the new loving home they deserve. We have 16 years of rescue experience to draw from. Not one of our volunteers is on payroll.We all cover our own expenses such as gas, long distance phone bills etc., as well as sacrificing time from our own lives, our own animals , friends and families because we all love what we do.Rescue does not run on business hours or just weekdays. Our volunteers know all too well that Christmas Eve phone call of a dog in distress or the wake of dawn transport of a dog who would otherwise have been killed or dumped somewhere by the owner, or the shelter calling about a dog as you just sat down to dinner. Often our donations do not meet our vet bills so vet care and incidentals come out of our own pockets but in exchange our reward is priceless. To walk a dog out of a shelter where it has sat for months overlooked and forgotten is a feeling that is indescribable. To gently hold a frightened dog in a tub and bath away years of filth and neglect can only be described as pure compassion. To watch a family burst with excitement and hug their new senior dog that a previous owner surrendered because the dog was just too old is to understand the meaning of unconditional love.To hug a stranger and promise them that you will find the best family possible for their well loved dog because they have just lost their home, or their job is to understand how important our role really is and that we are not just placing dogs into new homes but we are saving lives and uniting them with new loving families.

We do not just adopt out dogs and wish our adopters "Good Luck" but rather we have a "follow up" program where we call or email to make sure that your new family member has adjusted to their new family. We are here for any questions or concerns that you might have and will gladly walk you through the transition period or trouble shoot any issues that may arise.We also are the folks who never tire of hearing your dog stories so are always welcoming updates and pictures.

Our rescue dogs are loved as much as we all love our own dogs so at any time should one of our dogs need to come back to us we definitely would take them into our program, we consider them our "family".Every dog that comes into our program is met and assessed by a volunteer so that we get a feel for each dog and can make a match with a family based upon the needs of the dog and the hopes of the family.

Rescuing dogs is not easy and many of us have had our hearts broken many times over dogs that were beyond our help or dogs that we could not save, or dogs that we wished we personally could keep but knew we were not the right fit for but were so sad to see leave us.We push ourselves constantly to help, wearing our resources thin and constantly hat in hand for these awesome dogs,we have never stated that we simply are unable to help and will always try to find somewhere for a dog to go be it our rescue or a colleagues. Each of us gives rescuing dogs our full heart and soul and though we may never be able to save every life ......through endless hours, laughter and tears alot of lives have been saved.

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Because we are a Rescue Group we don't have a physical location the way a shelter would. Please note that this is a mailing address only, not a shelter.

115 George St.
P.O Box 245
Oakville ON, L6J 0A2

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